In today’s ever changing society surveillance is used for a number of reasons including matrimonial Problems, corporate issues as well as evidence Gathering for a court case whatever your reason Apollo Security Solutions will provide the right operatives for the task in hand.

All our operatives are highly trained in their field, they will stay on their target until you are entirely satisfied with all the evidence gathered giving you complete peace of mind with any issues you may be experiencing.

If you feel the need to explore this further we will meet with you to discuss your requirements then we will hand pick the right operatives male or female to suit your needs insuring the task in hand run smoothly and efficiently.

We also offer counter surveillance maybe you feel you are being watched maybe one of your business competitors is looking into your business practices if you have any concerns for any reason we will provide you with a team to single out any surveillance operatives that may be looking into your personal or business affairs neutralizing any threat to you quickly and as efficiently as possible.