The subject of door supervisors and the little blue badge.

Some licensed premises require door supervisors due to previous and potential issues that may arise. Other licenced premises in the eyes of their owners may not require door supervisors but find it deemed a requirement as part of their premises licence. Each and every bar, pub, night club, entertainment complex or private members club is very different. We tailor a bespoke package to provide the very best in security to each contract we task to the company.

The little blue badge. The security industry authority was established in 2003 under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The SIA is responsible for the compulsory licensing of individuals undertaking designated activities within the private security industry and to oversee the training and vetting of applications for licensable roles within the industry.

Door supervisors fall within a licensable activity and so are required to have trained and be eligible as well as hold a current door supervisors SIA licence. Many companies are able to supply SIA licenced staff but at Apollo Security Solutions we believe that it is not enough just to hold an SIA licence. We carefully select are door supervisors for their competence within the job role and make sure we use the right door supervisors for the right venues. We make sure all our staff are well presented, punctual and committed to strive for the highest personal standards.

Having the right staff at your premises will make the difference between venues that will be popular or one that people will be avoided. Reputation is a major factor for a successful venue.
at Apollo Security Solutions we pride ourselves on getting the image right for each premises this is different for every establishment. We work closely with our customers to achieve this.

Recent  law changes are making this an occupation were both male and female staff are needed to be employed to satisfy premises licences. it is deemed by law that a search on an opposite sex is now inappropriate. We are happy to say that we have in our opinion some of the best female door supervisors in the industry.

We will deliver to you:

  • Listen to you and advise you and then construct a package to your exact needs.
  • Carry out a risk-assessments for each site.
  • We use threat avoidance and reduce factors, accept risk and reduce the risk of threatening situations.
  • Offer a common sense approach making your venue a safer place for the public.
  • Blend into the background or be a visual deterrent depending on your requirements.
  • Male and female Door supervisors.
  • More than ever the emphasis is being placed on conflict resolution, all are staff are trained in this area.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for you, your staff, your management and the public.
  • Be polite, respectful and fair.
  • Protect the venue.
  • Keep out unwanted guests on the pub/club watch scheme and uphold local licensing laws.
  • Provide all relevant log keeping, and all clerical work involved with door supervisor duties.
  • We are Fully insured.
  • Provide regular teams so your customers and staff will get to know them.
  • We continue to update our staff training to adhere to up and coming new legislation and law.