Here at Apollo Security Group we recognise the importance of keeping your property assets and families safe from harm and possible theft or damage.

Should you fill the need of a RST, Apollo Security Group will meet you at the property in question and complete a comprehensive site survey to include existing house security (Alarm systems) to meet any family and staff members in Residence and also the security level of any grounds / land the property may have.

Once this survey has been completed Apollo Security Group will provide you with a full list of recommendations including how many of our highly trained staff should be supplied to your security team and also any upgrades that could possibly be needed to your existing security.

Once you are entirely happy with the security package we have offered you a operatives will protect you, your family, property and assets on a 24-hour basis if needed insuring you can can go about your daily routine safe in the knowledge that your home is safe and secure and ready for your return.