Our dog handlers are patient and confident in their roles. They are comfortable working on their own or as part of a larger team. They are able to judge a situation accurately and react instantly, helping to prevent and detect crime protect property and prevent/diffuse crowd disorder, depending on the work required.  We use some dogs and handlers that are dual trained to do a wide variety of tasks and some that are trained to specific individual tasks.

Some events may find the thought of security dogs daunting but we would like to reassure that the our dog teams are rarely required front of house or in the public eye and unless requested we only normally provide them for events outside of open hours and or on the site build or break down stages.


Key roles for our dog and handler teams:

  • Controlling crowds, for example at football matches and potentially disorderly events
  • Searching for explosives or illegal drugs passively or proactively on person’s vehicles or property.
  • Protecting large open spaces
  • Working in environments too dangerous for lone security staff
  • Supporting security teams in a response role at events
  • Pre and post festival security for site build up and break down
  • Trespass prevention on sites and property’s
  • Leasing with authorities if an incident occurs.

All of our handler teams have:

  • Experience of caring for dogs
  • The ability to work a dog efficiently and look after its welfare needs
  • Patience
  • Self-confidence
  • The ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Good observation skills
  • Good record keeping skills and knowledge
  • We are fully compliant with the S.I.A regulations and all of our personnel are licensed by the S.I.A to either door supervisor or security guard standards. We are fully insured for public liability and we are also compliant with the 1975 Guard Dogs Act.

Security Guard Dogs guarding is the most effective solution to guarding premises and property and fields pre and post event  and offers the highest deterrent with the smaller cost then large numbers of static guards or security. All of our security dogs and handlers are trained by accredited training instructors, from NASDU and MBIDT.