Here at Apollo Security Solutions we can supply a completely bespoke Close Protection package to our clients with either a single CPO or a complete team used depending on the threat level or your requirements at the time.

Where possible (Time span depending) we will provide you with an initial consultation meeting in STRICT confidentiality to discuss your needs and to Ascertain your reasons for the need of protection at this meeting once all the information is received we can then give our profession recommendations about how to proceed and what level of protection is needed.

Once the bespoke security package is agreed and put into action our highly trained operatives will allow you as our client to go about your daily business with the minimum disruption as possible blending into the background or providing a more visual deterrent depending on your needs at the time.

At Apollo Security Group we believe in supplying the right operatives for the right task at hand therefore any operatives will be hand Picked for you, our valued client insuring we provide the right person slash people for your needs. Apollo Security Solutions will supply the right staff for any reason or occasion clients employ our services for a number of reasons including public engagement, fear of kidnap, blackmail or maybe just to feel more secure whilst going about their daily routine.

Whatever your reasons for contacting us Apollo Security Solutions Will ensure you and your families safety for however long you need our services either in the UK or internationally.